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If you’re into baking then you need to make sure you have a decent sieve to get all the lumps out of your flower so that you have perfect ingredients for that perfect cake that you are going to bake. If you are in the market for a new sieve then take a look at […]

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pyrex jugs

Pyrex Jugs

Pyrex jugs are the commandos of the kitchen arsenal. Make your gravy in them, microwave baked beans or even boil some water in one in your microwave it to steam clean it, these things will last forever! Well, unless you drop them! It do recommend pyrex jugs over the cheap plastic ones as the plastic […]

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Plastic Tubs

The ubiquitous plastic tub. What would we do without them? From storing rice and pasta to freezing left overs for another day’s dinner, plastic tubs are something what we have all grown up to love and have cupboards pack to the rafters with them in! Available Plastic Tubs [apf domain=”com” kw=”container” type=”popular” tag=”sj0a-21″ length=”20″ details=”true” […]

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utensil holder

Utensil Holder

As simple as they are, a utensil holder will help to keep all your oversized cutlery in 1 easy to access place. Utensil holders may not be top of your agenda but there are some very cool looking utensil holders below that you can buy for your kitchen. Available Utensil Holders [apf domain=”com” kw=”utensil set” […]

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